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Magnetic Balance Band - Click through to select a colour


The Magnetic Balance Band...The Bio-Energy Booster !

The Magnetic Balance Band is by far the strongest and effective Powerbalance band we have tested.It is much stronger than Powerbalance and works on a different principle.Made of Germanium, Tourmaline ,Titanium and four powerful Magnets. Alongside its Magnetic Therapy qualities,that can help with Arthritic and Joint Pain and other physical injuries,it emits Farinfrared and  Negative Ions which balance the bodys Bio-Energy fields.

It is a favourite with golfers many of whom are reporting much longer and much more accurate 'drives' and all profess to be having "much more enjoyment on the golf course".  

Whether in sports or everyday life it can help bring balance, energy ,focus and general wellbeing into your life and with its subtle distinguished looks will make an eyecatching accessory to any outfit.

Colours available are black, blue, red, white and pink it is an adjustable bracelet that will fit all wrist sizes.

Please state colour required when ordering.


Negative ion concentrations can beneficially effect and influence our health and behaviour, controlling our energy levels, mood and ability to concentrate. The human body absorbs Positive Ions from electrical devices on a day to day basis, causing damage on a cellular level. Positive ions are said to interfere with the natural balance and can lead to tiredness, lack of concentration and muscle fatigue.

Negative Ions are proven to reverse the damage caused by positive Ions. Negative Ions are generally abundant in nature, emitted from plants, waterfalls and rain storms. These Ions unfortunately are depleted in urban areas as a result of modern technology. Ion Balance products release negative ions from multiple sources, to provide the maximum benefit and protection to your body.

Benefits of NPB Ion Balance products:

  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Helps to Promote Sleep
  • Counteracts the Effects of Smoking
  • Natural Anti-Depressant
  • Strengthens Nervous and Immune System
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Improves Focus and Concentration
  • Promotes Health and Wellbeing


Germanium is a semiconductor element that efficiently responds to infrared light. The two important characteristics

of Germanium that brings about healthy function effects are

its natural ability to emit negative ions and the penetration

of Far Infrared Rays into the human body.

Urban lifestyle exposes the human body to harmful positive ions generated from mobile phones, computers, acid rain

and ultraviolet rays. Hence, the negative-charge ion from Germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body. This also

achieves muscle relieving effects as well as reducing fatigue.